Gerlinda (4 Oct 2011)
"Thank you Curtis & Fay - what Bullinger tells us"

Thank you Curtis and Fay,
I just read this one about those Super Novas coming every 7 years since 1948 by Mike Curtis - what a wonderful addition to info. coming in so quickly.
The galaxy Ahp 220 has displayed seven supernovae exploding 62 years apart 250 million years ago . Arriving here on Earth from 1948 until 2015. Pastor Mark Biltz must be shown this obvious sign in the heavens. Wow, the galaxy is located in Constellation Serpens, or the Serpent' Could you please tell us what Bullinger's Gospel in the Stars. BTW, its about time he showed up?

Bullinger's Gospel in the Stars alludes to the fact that he is in the Scorpio (the period covering the end part of the month of Oct. and first part of Nov.) and seen with Antares (The Lord) standing on him as he tries to wound Him in the heel.  This is a furthur picture showing the object of this conflict on the part of the scorpion.  The first was in the sign of Virgo (where Elenin is right now) .  Serpent is seen trying to seize the Crown, which is situated immediately over the serpents head and to which he is looking up and reaching forth.    Since Satan will be thrown down along with his two-bit army, the way is being cleared for the Believers to go up.  As the other email alluding to these seven supernovae says, he is given only 3 1/2 years to rule.   He knows his days are very short. 
I agree with Fay when she says she did not see a cross on this huge close up of Elenin and that follows the picture as seen in the heavens. 
This is very weird. Pastor Begley calls it Elenin but it's pretty difficult to see this as the behaviour of a comet. If it is Elenin then it ain't no comet. This is remarkable footage. When you get to the 2:21 mark on the video clip, you can see what looks like a large crown on top of it. Pastor Begley kept referring to a cross he could see. I couldn't see where the cross was. I hope one of you can.