Gerlinda (31 Oct 2011)
"To Randy - Sense of Smell"

Hi Randy,
I found your letter interesting in the fact I have gained the opposite problem.  About Middle Age, I began to be allergic to perfume.  These were not just the artifical ones made from petroleum but those made from the actual product.    I broke out in sores along my neck from hair spray.  Soon, I could not stand to smell cleaning agents, soaps, newly bought clothes, petroleum, etc.  My sense of smelll has become so keen I can hardly stand to go out in public anymore.  When driving down the highway, I tell my husband, "Hurry! get around that stinking truck....can't you smell the exhaust?"  "Don't park there! it's right by that trash bin."  "Hurry, close the windows, the neighbors are cooking outside......what, you can't smell it?"  I run around the house closing all the windows.  This is a real problem between the two of us because he, like you, lost his sense of smell.   When I'm trying to get him to hurry to close the windows, he responds with, "I dont' smell anything."  Grrrrrrrr!  there goes precious time in arguing about the issue!  Talk about compatibility within our own walls.  It's a circus around here.  When we go to the local Buffet, it's pretty common  to see me getting up with my plate & cup and moving us to another table.  Our waiter smiles that understanding smile!  Poor Hubby, he is so proper; this really embarrases him.  Thank God, we both are on the same page regarding the Bible Prophecy.  I don't really know why this has happened but it has caused me to spend nearly every day, all day long,  reading the Word and links such as this.  I love these letters.  We have so much in common despite our nose problems.........Really, we do!
Accept will soon change!