Gerlinda (27 Oct 2011)
"earthquake on Mel's island"

 John and Doves,
There was just an earthquake on Mel's Island just this evening, the 26th.  Yep!  It seems that Mel Gibson actually owns an Island in the Pacific named after him.  Personally, he made a mockery of the real Biblical account of The Passion.  This movie, directed by him,  was  full occult symbols such as the woman carrying the demonic baby.  And, how about the actor who played Jesus Christ whom was actually stuck by lightening two times (I believe) as he hung on the cross and  joked about the words he was suppose to say?  
Course we recall how it was played up big by the Evangelical groups and welcomed as a real witness to the Moslems but was it a real testimony or a "whoopalah" against the one who dares to call himself "The Son of God"?  Again, the Evangelicals need to really dig a whole lot deeper before they support such movies.
Perhaps, this is a warning to Mel Gibson......he needs much prayer for his Eternal Salvation.