Gerlinda (27 Oct 2011)
"A Praise Report on Hawk"

I and multitude of others had asked for prayer regarding this Watchman Warrior who was all but given up to live.  Look at what the power of prayer does.  Oh, Yes, there is Power in The Blood.  That is why Paul says to pray without seizing.  Let us also remember those on Doves that need prayer regarding other needs such as health and provisions for living.  And let this be a "Message of Hope" to them, whom think their situtation is hopeless.  Never, ever give in to the lies of Satan.  Plead the Blood of Jesus but also make very sure you know this Jesus as your personal Savior. 
One of His Own, Thank You Jesus
Praise Report on Hawk

Hawk is out of ICU-Released last night – PRAISE GOD. I will let him write about his "out of body" experience when his spirit hovered over his body he could sense the intercessors prayers on his behalf as well as those cursing him and the demons battling him in the spiritual realm. Hawk knew he was covered by "the blood of Jesus" but the contempt that the evil spirits had for him was astonishing yet he was at perfect peace in jesus! thank you all for your continued prayer and financial help.