Gerlinda (25 Oct 2011)
"Julia, Re: The Two Witnesses"

Julia,  I just finished reading your post of the Two Witnesses.   I thank you for this lengthy but deep study that dares to bring up the true word of how the Gentiles have Jewish roots yet don't even realize it.  I am not a scholar but merely someone that has spend so many years studying this wonderful, prophetic Word of God.  The author of this article clearly shows that the Church is not separate from the Natural Olive Branch but grafted back to the Root of Jesus Christ, their Messiah.  The House of Israel has become the Wild Olive Branch whom first rebelled against their God.  So He dispersed them to all corners of the world.  Their group will include Gentiles of every country.  The Two Houses of Israel (including Judah, whom also rebelled later) will one day be united and the two will have One Shepard and their two sticks will become one.  Those sticks represent their kingdoms leadership, which divided over the Northern Kingdom turning their back on the their God Jehovah and going after pagan gods and mixing with the nations.  The End Time Israel will include both the House of Israel and the House of Judah whom  have fought against each other.  Since a House Divided against itself cannot stand, the Lord,through His Divine mercy and Power, will unite the two in common ground to bring the people back to Jehovah God.  All of this has a bottom line and that is to bring His Chosen (both Jew & Gentile who have been grafted in)  to be SAVED.  God will deal with those that call themselves Jews but are not; but they are of the Synagogue of Satan.  Praise His Endless Mercies!
PS  One of the tactics of the Synagogue of Satan has been to try to replace Israel by teaching that the Church (?) has replaced Israel.  Think about that!  How can Jesus turn His back upon His own Brethren.  He can't and He won't.
Again Julia, thanks.  I loved the lesson.