Gerlinda (25 Oct 2011)
"To Henry - Sarah Hoffman's Vision"

Henry,  Sarah's vision seems to be backed up by Bible Codes.  Years ago, I read "The Bible Code" by Michael Drosin,  where he reveals the code he found regarding Libya.  Here are some things Drosin found regarding Kaddafi and Libyia. 
1.  The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from afar, which will swoop down like a vulture."
2.  Next were found the words, "Libyan artillery" with the year 5776 (1996) 
3.  Atomic artilleryman was also encoded in the Bible codes and the exact location seemed to be stated.  It was "the Pisgah" a mountain range in Jordan, the same mountains Moses climbed to see the Promised Land. 
4.  When Drosin checked the plain text of the Bible, the first verse that mentioned the Pisgah also stated, almost openly, "Weapon here, in this place, camouflaged."  He says, "It seemed beyond belief that the actual words of the Old Testament, written 3,000 years ago, would reveal the location of an atomic weapon to be fired against Israel. 
5.  Drosin also showed Peres, the PM at the time, that the code "Libya" crossed "Atomic Holocaust."  Drosin's guess was that Kaddafi bought an atomic device from one of the former Soviet republics and that terrorist will use it against Israel.  Perez, took the news, quietly.  The code also said, "Under the slopes of the Pisgah".
Kaddafi was a rutheless man against many of his his enemies yet loved by the majority of his country-men for bringing financial wealth to the country.  Libya has much oil .  Also, he was responsible for the great engineering feat of digging up the under-ground  river that traveled miles and miles that provided prosperiety and fresh water to a very, very dry land.  people from many lands traveled there for work and a better life-style.  He was no fool and soon found enemies among those that helped put him into power. 
Kadafi "hated" Israel; that was universally known.
Just think, we are seeing all of this coming to a crescendo!
"Sarah Hoffman's vision about Libya"