Gerlinda (24 Oct 2011)
"What is Missing?"

Dear Doves,
Last night I was reading through some old Illuminati material and I realized something very important. There is one symbol that is used by those that go to the Bohemian Grove each year to plan our fate. This little symbol is found on the back of the One Dollar Bill, hidden in plain sight among the weaving. You can find it at the Grove in California  (see attachement).  It is the Giant Owl.  Each year, in July,  Self-important people from around the world party, plan and offer up a human sacrifice unto this Giant Owl.
Now, I ask you, what is it that is being left out in this OWS movement?  I'm speaking of more than just the letters used to signify this movement.  Yes, It is the L, which stands for Liberty.  Our president and others have shown a "superficial support" for this movement knowing exactly what the ulitmate outcome will be because it was planned  long ago to undermine the liberty and justice  of the American way of life.  These are the Financers, Banksters, Money-lenders and leaders who live high on the hog as they suck the life's blood out of hard working people who want nothing more out of life than to be able to support themselves and their families.  They sound like those mentioned in the Bible who met their Waterloo at Armeggedon.
The Socialist have begun their mass take-over.  Even 80 yr. old former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev says he believes protests occurring now in many places signal the emergence of a "New World Order".  What was that Communist doing after being removed from power in the Soviet Union?  Why, he was living a good life here that was provided by the tax payers of this Republic?    He was aiding the Socialist in this country to bring about the same failed plan that knocked him out of power. I don't believe we were asked if we wanted to support the man.  In fact, this is a country that is so generous that she has been hood-winked, hog-tied and thrown on the Butcher Block for slaughter.
That is what is behind all of this chaos, which is now universal.    It is all for naught to bring the chaos  needed to put the final clamp of servitude upon a people so used to having freedom they can't see what has been happening in the Land of the Free. There will be no good out-come in this movement.  People will be allowed to vent and vent some more until the noise becomes so bothersome that Martial Law will be called to quell it.  Ahhhh!  Marshal Law.  There you have it, now the Fist of Power becomes the  legal means to false peace.
The Satanic Powers are about to offer up a Great Sacrifice to the Giant Owl of the Illuminati....greater than on 9/11. There is no hope for this country.....only individuals.... that have asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive them and become their Savior.   NOW IS IT.  The one who will accomplish this will make himself known.  
However......He COMMETH SOON.....Yeshua, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Here is a picture of one of the Illuminati Card Board Game that features Fraternal Orders.  Notice the owl in his hand.  These Fraternal Orders are 'varied" and "international."
Please, let me correct myself. The Clock Tower I mentioned is located in Tokyo (not Hong Kong). The current volcano activity there is, perhaps, the very thing that will cause the chaos that is featured on that Playing Card of the Illuminati Card Game distribuated for sale by Steve Jackson back in 1995.