Gerlinda (21 Oct 2011)
"Fay - re: Mercer's Swap"

Hello Fay,
Let me first apologize for getting your name misspelled some times when I included an e at the end.  Your post to Mercer led to some very interesting information.  I've seen other findings regarding the 9/11 clearly shown on the Simpson clock and read many guesses about what the 11:06 number could be on the Illuminati Card named "Combined Disasters"  shown on Steve Jackson's board game, believed to be Big Ben but actually is the Hong Kong Clock Tower (perhaps a hit on China? on 11/06?)  but this detective work is brand new and absolutely a master piece.     Thank you for passing it on to us  and a compliment of a Great Job done by the maker of that video!
His Own,
I see that it is posted on Before Its News.