Gerlinda (21 Oct 2011)
"A Warrior in need of prayer"

Hawk as been has been a strong Watchman Warrior of the Lord Jehovah God, who has been very out-spoken of what he saw happening in our country and what it meant. He even suffered a hit upon him which was done right over his house by some kind of ray from a helicopter a couple of years ago...landing him in the hospital.   They managed to get him off the radio yet he has given it his best.  Now, he is needing prayer from other Watchmen.  Thank You!  Gerlinda
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Hawk is deathly ill and appears to have had multiple strokes. He is paralyzed on right side. Blood pressure and extreme health issues make it unlikely he will be around much longer without God's miraculous intervention. Please pray that God will strengthen his wife also. Thank you, Steve