Gerlinda (20 Oct 2011)
"How Sinister is St. John's The Divine Church"

Just How Sinister is St. John's The Divine Church????  This is out of the pits of Hell.  I add a question to this, "Since Halloween is the celebration of such things, why aren't churches and parents warning theirs about participating in the demonic dressing up in honor of gouls, demoms and the most sinster creatures from the Deep.  Ignorance is not an excuse for anyone that reads the Word of God nor who has heard of these things from fellow Christians and took the time to search the internet.  Sometimes it takes the Shock and Awe to remind us of how serious these celebrations are to those that practice the Satanic Cults.  Where does a Christian set the line?  Or should there even be a line to consider.....why not just run away from it as fast you are able.  Be the first in your family to have the guts to stop this demonic celebration that is called The Devils Highest Holiday - Hallowee.  Say no! no more and may the Lord Jeshua help you in your quest to serve him in a greater way while we await His Soon Appearing.  Praise His Holy Name.
scroll down a bit to the church and it's week long Halloween activities.