Gerlinda (20 Oct 2011)
"Faye - concerning Tony Webb link"

Dear Fay, 
Per you post about "Tony Webb" link that tells what The Cutting Edge reveals.  I have been subscribed and  reading The Cutting Edge for about 6 years so all that he shows  is the very reason I posted the post about the Rosenthal interview.  I have known about the Kaiser Jews that control the Banking System and governments around the world and have been doing it since the days of Jesus when He threw them out of the Temple as the "Money Changers". 
 I have been trying, for all of these years, to open the eyes of Christians; those that support Israel 'blindly'.  Don't you think I was equally shocked when I first realized this?  That is the reason I  posted Jerry Golden's article & link in answer to the charge made against me that I was Anti-Semitic because I finally had my own eyes opened.  He shows pictures of  the various Occult government buildings and the Masonic symbolism everywhere......just like they are in the USA.    Knowing all of this, I was a bit surprised that the things revealed by that interview was not picked up as another piece of evidence of how they operate and the casual feelings they have regarding the number of True Jews.   Now, I understand why you took me for a 'trouble maker'.  This is relatively new information for you.
I will ask John Trig to give you, privately, some additional information in effort to clear my name.
One of His,