Gerlinda (17 Oct 2011)
"Myra, my answer"

Hello Gerlinda,

I was wondering how you would respond to the comment left by Anonymous in this article you posted a link to. Very disturbing wouldn't you say?

Anticipating your answer.

Hello to you, Myra, 
I read the comments.  Am I responsible for those making comments?  Any time there are comments allowed to be published, you will have the government shills and anti-Israel commenters doing their best to publish their 'crap'.  Just as Fay likes to read Before It's News, I do also.  Over and over again, this same senario is played out.  Those of us who love Israel and her Messiah Yeshua get hurt (deeply)  over their filthy remarks but at the same time, I notice that True Believers get their opportunity to spread the Good News.  Anyone who posts on that link has to be thick-skinned to get the job done.
How about the story itself showing that the very same ones who caused 9/11 to happen could be planning a future 11/11 Red Flag?  Do you shoot down the message because of the comments?
There is no one anymore pro-Israel or a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ than I am. 
I am one.
Thank you!