Gerlinda (17 Oct 2011)
"For all those that see Elevens"

For all of you who have seen the numbers 11.   There seems to be a powerful reason why God has allowed you to see this.  You aren't saying that is the Rapture but you just know it seems to be so important that God allows it to be seen over and over again.   There seems to bear lots of evidence that 11/11/11 is the day when the New Age will be birthed.  And if this birth is as seen in St. John's Cathederal's sculpturing, where the baby's head is actually seen, then there is more information showing you what kind of a baby is being born.  This all adds to the fact that these followers of Satan are working their plan which was concieved so long ago. 
 I must share this: bear with this man doing the video.  He gets very excited because he knows, having come out of the New Age Movement and finding the Lord Jesus Christ, he understand these things so well and gives the evidence about the Hoover Dam with it's Occult signs right there in plain sight.  I've always maintained that someone who has come to Jesus after a life somewhere else gets a whole lot more sincere, enthusiastic and frightened for the unbelievers and wants so badly for them to see what he sees and Satan is doing his best to keep it that way........blind sheep.  May this speak to you and take the little time there is and warn others. 
I believe this evidence is the very thing God is using to tell you why you have seen Elevens for quite some time and may be asking, "What does this mean?"   He is coming for us before He allows the next event to happen.  I believe there is another event that will  come and that is the huge Tidal Wave.  That seems to be cordinating almost as we speak now with events taking place on Canary Island. This may actually happen at the same time that the Hoover Dam which  looks to be a weapon for some False Flag event.   Their ability to use HAARP to weaken these areas and push the final button is there.  Yes, God is in control and He is lifting His Hand of protection off America, plain and simple, for turning our back upon Him and letting them have what they've been wanting.  Speaking of HAARP, Dutchsinse has been reporting that circles of their microwave actions have been seen all down the areas known to be the New Madrid Fault line and in the areas on the East Coast and Florida that would be so weaken and devastated by a huge tidal wave when the volcano in the Canary Island causes that one half to slide into the sea pushing enormous destructive waves into our East Coast. 
Thanks for your patience in trying to get across what I am also so excited that I want to share and share. 
By His Grace, I am His Own,  gerlinda