Gerlinda (13 Oct 2011)
"for Anon"

"Extra Oil.  R U Interested?"
Anon,  What a fantastic job you did here to show us things we never could have realized without this study of Lev.18:9.  Our God is so amazing, isn't He..... to give clues in everything He commanded and it's relationship of His precious creation to Himself.......and the use of his faithful Watchers to seek them out.  Thank you Anon!
We have more hope than ever now that it is not long.  What makes this study so beautiful is that is fits with His Gospel in the Heavens and the events taking place right now.  Praise the Lord and thank you again soooooo   much.
I'm so Interested and so Excited!
Anon (11 Oct 2011)
"Extra oil. R U Interested?"