Gerlinda (13 Oct 2011)
"Heads Up Volcano Erupting in Canary Islands - Prophecy"



Jeremiah 51:42 THE SEA HAS RISEN OVER BABYLON; SHE HAS BEEN COVERED with the roaring of its waves. 43 “Her cities have become a ruin, a dry land and a desert, a land where no one dwells, neither does son of man pass by it.

Just in, this morning the Canary Island Volcano has begun to erupt; ... XvD3C5H-0w

The prophet Jeremiah gave a 110 verse discourse to the "daughter of Babylon" concerning her latter day destruction in Jeremiah 50 and 51.

I believe "Babylon" entails a five city land mass called the 'Megalopolis' that typically is defined as ... in the U.S. and extends from Boston, Massachusetts through New York City; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland and ending in Washington, D.C. . ...

This "destruction" comes because "they have striven against the LORD and have engaged in conflict with the LORD" by breaking His "everlasting inheritance covenant" that they are in the process of doing by dividing His land this very day!   For full story, click into url below