Gary Newman (3 Oct 2011)

Hi John & Doves:

Whilst awaking early today (Sunday 2nd Oct) it was still dark, I was praying
and communing with the Lord and a number was placed in my spirit; 145
it was turning to 144 around the time of dawn I knew it was hours and I knew
it was  time counting down!
I carried on praying for a while, but then got up checked 144 hrs, I should
have known I suppose but I didn't know that 144 hrs is exactly six days.

I went to the time & date calculator and put in the numbers; 144 hrs from dawn
of the 2nd October and:

Calculation results
From date:Sunday, 2 October 2011, 07:02:00
Added 144 hours
Normalized to 6 days
Resulting date: Saturday, 8 October 2011, 07:02:00

The result is a sabbath on Yom Kippur! Cool huh?

This is UK time and lags exactly 2 hrs Jerusalem time.


Here is something else for you:

I would like to share something with you, to me it was awesome.

About seven years ago I was working in the yard and the Lord said very distinctly " Remember the Jarrow marchers"
which I vaguely knew about, but have never heard anyone speak about.
That was the first witness.

In the evening I was watching a documentary on the 1929 depression in America and Britain, the Jarrow marchers to my amazement were featured in the documentary.
This was the second witness.

I assumed the Lord was showing me we were heading for a repeat depression, and felt a little up in the air (no pun intended) about what or why He said it to me. I have never heard any more from about it until now.

At approximately 4.00 am this morning 1st Oct, a news headline appeared in my Yahoo email Campaigners recreate Jarrow March. As soon as I saw the headline I understood this is the 3rd and final witness and the Lord is witnessing to me about the rapture being now. This witness hit me as a hammer.

The is no actual link to the Jarrow march and the rapture as far am I'm aware except the original march according to Wikipedia ended at the end of October and took nearly a month to complete; it therefor must have started in early October.
Amazing the Lord knew seven years ago there would be a news item in my email (and only for a brief period and at such an odd time) just prior to the rapture!



The article from the link:
Campaigners recreate Jarrow March

Published on Saturday 1 October 2011 10:56
Campaigners are to recreate the Jarrow March of 75 years ago to walk 330 miles to London to demand a programme of job creation.
Great grandchildren of the original Jarrow marchers will take part, as well as unemployed young people, students and young trade unionists.
The march will finish in London with a demonstration on November 5 to protest against the high level of youth unemployment.
Youth Fight for Jobs is staging the march and hopes that hundreds of people will turn up to join in or support the event in the next few weeks.
One of the organisers, Claire Laker-Mansfield said: "We are marching to demand that the Government does more to invest in a decent future for young people.
"We think it is unfair that in the 21st century, young people are facing long-term unemployment. There are almost a million young people out of work, and the jobs market is not getting any better. The Government is cutting jobs in the public sector, and there is no sign that private firms are creating enough jobs."
The marchers received messages of support from union leaders.
Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union said: "If the trade union movement doesn't stand by the young people in the frontline of the Con-Dem attack on jobs and services we will witness a re-run of the Thatcher government's cynical dumping of a whole generation on to the scrap-heap."
Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union said: "Three-quarters of a century on, the young people recreating this famous march are sending an important message that our communities must never again be abandoned to pay for an economic crisis they did not cause."
Around 200 men marched from Jarrow to London in October 1936 to protest against unemployment and extreme poverty suffered in north-east England.