Gary Newman (24 Oct 2011)
"Faith's rapture dream"

Hi John & doves:

I'm just so excited that the Lord is moving on my daughters and they are loving Him more & more. Here is a dream that YAH gave to Faith my daughter on Sat night.

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From: Faith
Sent: Sunday, 23 October 2011, 8:33

Hi Dad,

Thankyou so much for the lift home last night- I really appreciated it and great to have fellowship with you on the way home too! It's been such an AWESOME God weekend, life changing for me in so many ways- to the point where things are going to a completely NEW LEVEL altogether!!!!

Anyways, while we were in the car, do you remember when you said to me " After the day you've had in God, wouldn't it be great in you had a rapture dream?" And I said to you " That would be the icing on the cake!"  Well guess what??! Yes I had a rapture dream!!- God must have heard our conversation!!! So thankyou for saying that to me- otherwise I may not have had one!

I dreamed that I was attending a fireworks display- I was in a crowd of people and we were all looking up at the sky waiting for the fireworks to start. It seemed to be taking forever and some of the crowd were getting restless. Then all of a sudden, the sky started to change, it went from pitch black to goldey-orange colour  and got really bright, really quickly! Then the holy spirit spoke to me very strongly and said "This is it. This is the glorious Rapture of the Bride of Christ- this is what every moment has been leading up to" Then the excitement and joy came on me so strongly! As he spoke that to me, Jesus appeared with great power and glory and so beautiful, it was indescribable!! . I had the strongest sense of peace come upon me and the joy was a joy I had never experienced before. Then I could litterally feel so accutely in the dream my body changing! The only way i can describe is that it  was like I could feel all the molecules in my body bubling up as the transformation was taking place. It was was awesome!!! The dream changed then, and instantly I was in heaven with other believers. There was so much love, peace, joy and acceptance there- it truly felt like home!! It was a love that our human minds could not comprehend. Jesus was welcoming the Bride and arranging his Angels to look after  and care for us. He had an awesome way of communicating- you did not feel like you were just one of the crowd, he made it so personal. Even though he talking to the crowd and you were aware of other people, he made you feel like you were the only one!! End of Dream

I'm not sayng I think it will be bonfire night- not suggesting that at all, but that was the setting of my dream.Anyways this blessed me so much! I had to email you straight away because I didn't want to forget any detail of it!! Please share with mum too. Hope it blesses you both too. Post on Doves if you like I'm not sure how to do it! lol

See you in the week