Gary Newman (1 Oct 2011)
"Andre's email"

Dear John & doves:

I guess were are all somewhat disappointed and kind of emotionally
and perhaps physically exhausted with fervent praying and extreme
anticipation and excitement of our departure which did not materialise.

I was greatly encouraged by an email from my friend Andre Hendricks
and have posted it below for your encouragement.

Hello my dear brother,

I wanted to just encourage you to keep the faith as many of our
brothers and sisters are somewhat disappointed that our Lord
is not on time... kind of reminds you of Matt 25 where all the Virgins
waited and then He "DELAYED" His coming...

Well this is exactly what's happening! I have so much to share
with you that I might make a video, but yesterday, I had emails
from several people who contacted me saying they had accepted
the Lord in their lives! Glory to God for souls getting saved!

I sincerely believe it is for the benefit of souls that still needs to get
saved that our Lord delayeth His coming, even though when you read
scripture that delay was only by a few hours!

He goes after that ONE lost sheep that may still say YES to the invitation!
What a merciful God we serve! While we are all impatient and while we all
long to see His face, I want you to know that this delay will NOT be long!

Yesterday my dad who is a Pastor made a candid statement "I wish the
Lord would send an Angel to tell us what's going to happen!"

Well, guess what happened....This morning my dad, while being
WIDE AWAKE heard me saying the words "Surprises, Surprises, Surprises"
three times. The only thing is... I was not NEAR my dad at the time!

I certainly did not say it yet he heard me CLEAR AS DAY say those words!
Could it have been an Angel that wanted us to know we needed to stay ready
as we are all about to be... surprised....???

So have faith my beloved brother! God knows your heart! and He longs for
us also! Soon we'll make that journey and meet in the air! The stage is set
and it looks certain Palestine will get their state...

We have near earth asteroids approaching, and many other events
unfolding daily! Our time is indeed short and the fact of the matter is we as the
Bride of Christ needs to out of here before the Anti-Christ can make his debut.

Hang in there and God bless!!

Yours in Christ

Andre Hendricks