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"The Great Comet of 1811 that Preceded the New Madrid Earthquake isn't well known.  Now Comet  21P will plow through Earth's Atmosphere 10 days before the final days of Sukkot"

The great comet of 1811 that preceded the New Madrid earthquake isn't well known.  Will Comet 21P have a similar crustal stressor effect?

1811-12 New Madrid Earthquakes, A NEO Connection?

Latest Update 26 Mar 2011. 
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The New Madrid seismic zone earthquakes of 1811-1812 may not have been caused by strictly run-of-the-mill seismic activity. This is a study into the possibility that some Near Earth Object (NEO), such as the Great Comet of 1811, was an outside-the-box crustal stressor. If a NEO involvement is found, then some fear of the unknown about the timing of the next big one may come to be dispelled. See Earthquake Liquefaction Safety

The following paragraph is extracted from the Great Comet of 1811 article referred to above.

On November 4, [William J.] Burchell (near the Vaal River about 50 miles west of present day Kimberly, South Africa) wrote, "as I lay waiting for sleep, and amusing myself in observing the constellations above my head, I noticed a faint nebulous star of the third magnitude, which I had not been used to see in that part of the heavens. Looking at it more attentively, it appeared plainly to be a comet." He said it was located in the tail of Aquila and formed a right triangle with Alpha Cygni and Alpha Lyrae.

Great Comet of 1811-12 on
                  Nov 4 1811
Partial projected path of the Great Comet of 1811 with
locations of Burchell's comet and right triangle. Milky Way outlines
are from Antonin Becvar's Atlas of the Heavens.
A portion of the path for the Great Comet of 1811-12, based on a NASA JPL ephemeris, is shown on the image. (Go to NASA's Near Earth Object Program and enter "C/1811 F1" as the search object.) Comet positions are annotated for 04 Nov 1811, 23 Dec 1811 and 06 Feb 1812. Note that Burchell's 04 Nov 1811 magnitude 3 comet in the tail of Aquila is approximately 35 degrees SSE from the ephemeris position for C/1811 F1 (RA 18 11 17.37 Dec +28 10 05.3) on the same date.

In 1991 David Yarrow, editor of the Ratville Times, reprinted Allan W. Eckhert's story(1) of the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh's prophecy, and its fulfillment, of a catastrophic event/sign felt across the North American continent on December 16, 1811. Eckert says the event, which seems to have pointed to the 16 Dec New Madrid earthquake, was preceded by a meteor-like preparatory sign which occurred 30 days earlier.

A biography of Tecumseh(2) coincides with details in Eckhert's account but does not address any events of 1811-12.

One historical account pertaining to the New Madrid Earthquake(3) draws attention to Tecumseh's prophecy about stamping his feet on a specified date (December 16th 1811) to cause all the houses in an Alabama Indian village to fall down. This account, although not as detailed as Allan Eckhert's story above, seems to bear it out.

Smoking Gun (or Blowing Smoke)?

There were no known seismic foreshocks prior to the first shock of 16 Dec 1811 earthquakes(4). This, in itself may not be evidence of, but could have been consistent with a meteorite impact. If so, where's the crater?

Most everybody knows about the Barringer meteorite crater, safely stashed away in the Arizona desert of the U.S.A., but they may tend to dismiss the idea of meteorite impacts near what are now populated areas. 

Draconid Meteor Outburst

Oct. 4, 2011: On October 8th Earth is going to plow through a stream of dust from Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, and the result could be an outburst of Draconid meteors.

"We're predicting as many as 750 meteors per hour," says Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. "The timing of the shower favors observers in the Middle East, north Africa and parts of Europe."

Every 6.6 years Comet Giacobini-Zinner swings through the inner solar system. With each visit, it lays down a narrow filament of dust, over time forming a network of filaments that Earth encounters every year in early October.

"Most years, we pass through gaps between filaments, maybe just grazing one or two as we go by," says Cooke. "Occasionally, though, we hit one nearly head on--and the fireworks begin."

2011 could be such a year. Forecasters at NASA and elsewhere agree that Earth is heading for three or more filaments on October 8th. Multiple encounters should produce a series of variable outbursts beginning around 1600 Universal Time (noon EDT) with the strongest activity between 1900 and 2100 UT (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm EDT).

Meteors from Comet Giacobini-Zinner stream out of the northern constellation Draco--hence their name. Draconids are among the slowest of all meteors, hitting the atmosphere at a relatively leisurely 20km/s


Map of The Constellation of Draco
Star Data
Top-Astronomer ID 3582
Right Ascension 10h 59m 56.8s
Declination +77° 46 12"
Magnitude 6.2
MK Spectral Class G9III
Henry Draper No. (HD) 94860
Smithsonian No. (SAO) 7255
Fifth Fundamental (FK5) 413
Draco, or the Dragon, is a constellation in the northern hemisphere.
The brightest star in the constellation is [3438] gamma Draconis or Eltanin ("the serpent"), an orange giant 148 light-years distant. It lies close to the point directly over London and is sometimes called the "zenith star."
I've posted over and over about Minister John Kilpatrick's vision of the New Madrid Earthquake hitting the central U.S.A.  It will bring our economy to a standstill.  I only recently discovered that there may be a direct Comet link to the event.
New Madrid Fault Zone Threat: New Madrid’s Giant Pipeline Bomb!
“Virtually every natural gas pipeline in the nation is built over that fault,” Geller says. “You’ll see the explosion reflected off the moon"
By Zen Gardner
June 25th, 2011

We’ve heard a lot about the New Madrid Fault. Despite the dangers and warnings, the area continues to be flooded, fracked, drilled, HAARPed and tornadoed, all while being home to 15 nuclear reactors.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also a little known factor that will really make your hair stand on end. The fault zone is criss-crossed with major gas and oil pipelines delivering these volatile energy sources all over the United States.

Oil Gas pipeline map
                        USThe main production areas and pipeline routes for natural gas (American Gas Association)

This company (ProLiance Energy) delivers Billions of cubic feet of gas per year through 19 major pipelines. Note how the pipelines cross the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

“You have four of the five major natural-gas pipelines come right through the soup in New Madrid, the soft alluvial soil,” says Gray. “They carry gas all the way to Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. If (the earthquake) happened during the winter, you’re going to have major-league problems on your hands. Try to explain to somebody why you cannot heat a nursing home or keep a hospital warm.”
– Ed Gray, Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA)
Riverfront Times

An earthquake in the middle of the country, along the precarious New Madrid fault, could have enormous fiscal and energy consequences. “Virtually every natural gas pipeline in the nation is built over that fault,” Geller says. “You’ll see the explosion reflected off the moon.”


One person's vision saw the United States split in half.
Is a Euro-Superstate in the offing?
Fasting is easy in light of what might be truly tragic.
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