Frank R Molver (8 Oct 2011)
"Mary's urgent message and prophetic dream"
I would have to agree with you about this prophetic message re future austerity.
We seem to be on the cusp of economic collapse.with the AC waiting in the wings
The droughts and floods are here now.
It would be foolish not to have something prepared.
as far as the other post re the number 54
Well, in my mind it could be a couple of things
First it seems that it could be a mile post marker indicating a date or year
Perhaps 54 instead of 50 years from the 1967 Jerusalem date, which would indicate 2021
But I think it might be more subtle then that.
It could be a warning to go 54 instead of 55 miles an hour
Meaning, the police will be looking for ways to bust Christians and spoil their goods
That is when the police are given great authority as in martial law
Meaning we must be very careful to follow the law and not take chances like some of us have been.