Frank R Molver (7 Oct 2011)
"Re 10/10 NYSE taken off internet threat, monday monday"
BG sent this fascinating video from GB
I know, that is a palindrome, BG GB
Anyway, if the Simpsons can be prophetic I guess the Mama's n Papa's can be too.
Monday Monday, can't stand that day
The group anonymous threatens to take down the NYSE from the internet monday
They appear to have ties to Wiki leaks and other hackers who seem to have power.
It appears that the demonstrations are orchestrated and the demonstrators are mere lemmings.
They intend to grow with the union and student help into a popular uprising with shadowy government help
Oct 15th is also a date that they are threatening to do something, that is a friday.
This could be the igniting factor that Randy spoke of.
Glen Beck does a good job of expoing this and piecing it together
The up shoot of all this is for the government to step in when it gets out of hand, which they want it to do
So then you have martial law, how convenient.
So this could be a game changer folks, life will definitely change after this
We have been prophetically warning of this for years and it appears we are seeing it happen now
Personally, I dont' think the answer is guns and family as this video suggests
We are Christians and we should know what to do
Serious times folks