Frank R Molver (6 Oct 2011)
"Gerry's almost there April 2012 and Obama ceremony"
Now there is a good letter with numbers that can make some sense
The thing is that the April 2012 date coincides with the date that was given earlier this year.
Here is a word from black man in Egypt who said God told him not to pray for Obama
He said that God showed him that Obama would go through a ceremony in which he dons a red robe that turns black
Then become the AC
In this dream I follow Obama as he walks from dark cave into modern Hotel. Next to his bed is a briefcase. Obama starts to speak to me. He says give me what is in the briefcase. I open it up and hand him a Red Robe. He asks me to give him the other thing. I stick my hand in and give it to him. 'It' is a CROWN of THORNS. As I look to him I see that he dressed himself like Jesus but robe and crown turned BLACK.
I have had several other visions of Obama since then and they all confirm that is the Antichrist and people like Pelosi, Oprah, Bono, the Queen of England, and many many other people know that he is THEIR KING and they follow him. In the dreams I tried warn then but they just wouln't listen.
I asked God to show me other future events and he showed that their will be attempt to kill the president, and he will fake a resurrection just so to complete his false imitation of our Christ,
Boy with dream of fake Obama assassination
He said that someone tried to assassinate Obama after the rapture. It created a fake race war to lie to the people so the evil men could form the global government. My son saw people being shot everywhere. He then saw a blonde headed woman become President and she (as he described) made taxes on houses high that people were living in tents on the streets because they lost their houses. He then saw Obama come back to life but he was not Obama anymore. My son said he could not tell but it seemed Obama died and then Satan mimicked Obama's body? It was a big lie my son said. My son said he saw all of the snakes of the world come together to form the antichrist. Then the two old snakes from Moses time (when Moses threw down his rod and his snake ate the other 2 snakes) were thrown out of the antichrist into two powerful men. These two men had control of the mark of the beast.
Oh. and one other thing
Google has blocked all searches for Obama assassination april 2012 from this site according to my recent search
Maybe I am wrong or did something wrong, would anyone else care to try
If true, this could be it.