Frank R Molver (29 Oct 2011)
"Nicole re ambush, attack against christians re Obama etc."

Interesting, I woke up with the word "ambush" on my mind and then I read your post.
I knew what ambush meant, God reminded me of a vision I had re what was happening just before the rapture.
There was a party of people celebrating, kind of like the occupy wall street folks
Only they were celebrating the arrival of their King, the AC
Some of these folks were attacking Christians who were oblivious to the danger they were in.
So now you reveal and remind of us the coordinated effort behind the scenes to dismantle Christian revelation of what is really going on.
Thank you, you are correct..
Below is part of the letter in this link
Anyways I was merely just noticing a trend that is occurring throughout the internet and wanted to let people be aware. I had a dream from the Lord that the Illuminati was monitoring Christian's conversations to gleen information from them. And I heard them talking about us and they said "peasants" and they looked at us like we were sad little begging losers without any glamour, prestige, money or etiquitte. They looked at people like us like rodents, disgusting and vile. Can you believe that? And they had lower ranking people going online posing as Christians to try to "redirect" or "correct" our conversations from "wrong" viewpoints. And to make them look like they were not so bad, that things were going to get better, that Christians were getting a little out of hand with their doomsday prophecies....and that they were getting annoyed that we were figuring things out so they were changing their dates and plans to make us look like fools. And then it would turn into an inner battle between the watchers/bride on the forums to make everyone start rethinking their rapture/tribulation timelines all together, that the mark was further away, and that the son of perdition had not been revealed. It is a clever set up to make us look like fools, that God is not going to rescue us, that we have more time, that the mark is further away, that they are not planning anything bad for us, and to get us all to fight against each other. So while we were busy arguing over who is the antichrist is....and I am not going to argue anymore and I apologize for arguing because I know what God told me.....I will let each person fast until they get an answer from God Himself and He speaks in an audible outloud word about who the son of perdition is to you. I cannot reveal that to you, just like I cannot reveal who the Son is.....that is only from the Father.

The thing about it is, that there are plants on websites friending you on Facebook, etc. posing as Christians but they are in fact Illuminati lower level people. And they are sent to redirect and correct your conversations. And then there are also Christians in every walk of their faith who like to argue about things all the time and they need to fight the common enemy and not each other. You need to gauge between the two in prayer to see who is it you are conversing with! Those people who want to go into conversations and jump in and then tell people they are wrong, (and believe me I have done this and I repented of this and I ask everyone forgiveness of doing this, the Lord has dealt with me on this issue) please fight the common enemy and pray for those that you believe have a wrong view. Telling them will just lead to a defensiveness if they are a Christian. And a person who is a plant is going to come at you with the big guns to defame your character, and have a fiery trial in front of everyone with all their legal information on the subject so you get so mad you leave the "baby of Revelation 12" by itself unattended. Get it?

I saw a wonderful man of God who was giving his visions and dreams, but then he made a whole Youtube video trying to "correct" Paul Begley on a questionable article that may or may not have been true. Instead of going to Paul directly, it tried to undermine Paul's testimony of the other 1,000 videos he made talking about the Lord's return and getting people saved. Paul tried to be his friend and ask forgiveness, but the man did not want to be his friend. So now this man in my book, I just cannot watch his videos anymore because I don't understand why he would not want to fight the common enemy. We are making too many factions of beliefs on the rapture forums and I don't like it when people try to pick groups. Like this group believes Obama is the antichrist and this group does not believe and then so we have this internal war. And this is a cancer sent from the devil.

This is why I find it interesting when people pop in on forums with a different view point than what a large percentage may believe or be leaning towards. At this point having my bank account hacked into, my facebook hacked into, getting hate mail, getting my identity stolen on forums and hacked into, I automatically question.

Regarding the email contacts, I have deleted all my contacts and I keep them separately away from my computer and I also delete all my emails and everything and download them into documents off my computer so that way I don't have to deal with hackers. I did this because I have some friends through which a computer program was sending emails out from their email account of porn to all their contacts. And if your boss is in your email contacts, well LOL!

Here is the book that I was unsure if people had seen, it was the Pink Swastika and it was Hitler who allowed gays (the masculine ones) in the military. Also, the introduction of young boys into this phenomenon.....if anyone has read Obama's book he talks about how he was taken to a bar with his father and he was sitting there looking at pornographic pictures of Disney characters at the age of 11 and thought it was interesting. So we see the Homeland security (Storm Troopers) who began "patting" down the children at the airports. I do not see a security issue here, but an indoctrination of children into a new way of society much like the Nazis. We can see the parallel of WWII 7 years to the tribulation, the parallel of Obama going to India and it's temples before he invaded the Middle East like Hitler's group went into the Himilayas and got supernatural power and the monks cried OUR GOD HAVE LEFT US before he invaded Poland....and the day that Obama went into the temple in India on 11/6/2010, Poland decides to crown an enormous statue of Jesus Christ as king.....we see the parallel of the Muslim/Nazi connection to Obama's religious beliefs and his social beliefs....we see how people cry over Obama and sing songs to him just like Hitler. We see people in Africa making t-shirts and posters and pictures in their home of Obama. We see all over the internet people putting up pictures of Obama as Jesus. And then I had a vision where I saw Lucifer where he had eyes of pure evil and they had red all around them, behind Obama and ready to jump into his body. The next day I see the superman comic book and they changed the DC comics cover to having his eyes shine the same way I saw Lucifer's. Then I was sent a video of Obama mocking Jesus and says something like contrary to what you may have heard, I was not born in a manger, I was born on Krypton and my father Jarrell sent me to save this planet. What? And my son as well as John Paul Jackson have had a vision of the attempted assassination of Obama, but my son sees him coming back from the dead and he is not Obama anymore.