Frank R Molver (20 Oct 2011)
"Re when the wall falls the AC appears, who and why"
In response to your question re the Occupy Wall Street movement
First of all, I did not write the letter, it was sent to me by my friend John Clark, a fellow dove.
The premise of the letter is to show how this movement, though not Godly by any means, can be used by God for his purpose.
Kind of like the Babylonians were used by God when they captured and subjugated the Israelites 70 years.
I do think the intent of this movement is to bring the current system down and it has lots of markings of being orchestrated.
Communist, socialists, anarchists, NWO types etc are all networking to this end.
The posts by Mike Curtis and Harvey Troyer give good clues as to who is behind this.
Obama seems to like it and why not if it sets him on the throne.
These guys don't like Jews, Christians and conservatives, we are in their way.
The only thing I see replacing the current system is a dictatorship
The economy will benefit those who decide to join
Mark of the beast being its membership requirement eventually.
It's all coming together isn't it?
Harvey posted an interesting prophecy by Duduman re the end of the US
It will begin with protests against the government
Then there will be fighting in the country
Floyd Taylor quotes Dudman's vision and spells it out very succinctly:

"It will start with the world calling for “peace, peace.” (This was fulfilled at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s speech at the UN on July 6th, 2010)

*Then there will be an internal revolution in America, started by the Communists. (This is now occurring. The One World Order, owned and led by the 13 families, and that is being enforced by their secret army of covert agencies and companies that is led by George Bush, Sr. and that reports for daily operations to Prince Phillip of Belgium, is the Communists, for they are forcing the One World Order, that is the worst form of Socialism, upon all the nations by their covert activities.)

Some of the people will start fighting against the government. (I would like to add that in other videos, Dumitru Duduman states clearly that communist people who are already working within the Government of the United States would then deliberately cause explosions at American nuclear power plants. I have reported many times of my personal experience of working with the dark side of this Government that is run by them and how they are intentionally planning the destruction of the Nation and the loss of the nation’s Sovereignty.

I have explained how they have plans to kill the American people to bring forth the socialist One World Order envisioned by the 13 families. I have explained that they have a global genocide depopulation program that is determined that a huge number of the world’s population must be exterminated, inclusive of the elderly (those over 45) and all those of certain race or culture, such as Indians and Christians. Note that the Lord confirms exactly of this in Mt. 24:22 and Mk. 13:20.)

The government will be busy with internal problems. (The Government will be busy arresting all the Good citizens and all those in the Government who are sympathetic with truth and justice. You can already see that the socialists in the Government are already passing laws and executive orders that are labeling anyone who is a person demanding that the Constitution be upheld to be a national threat and thus a terrorist.)

Then, from the oceans, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America, Mexico, and two other countries which I cannot remember, will attack! The Russians will bombard the nuclear missile silos in America. (In a Prophesy Club video of Dumitru Duduman it is clearly stated that the Communists that do this are those who are working inside the Government and that they do this in conjunction with this work of the UN Army invading the nation to bring about martial law and the establishment of the One World Order’s Socialist Government that is nothing more than bonded slavery.)

"America will burn.” (This is an important statement for in Joel 2:3 the Lord says that the fire burns behind His ones that come out early from following after this One World Order of Socialist Slavery. Remember that He also states in Zech. 14:1-2 that 50% of all those of His church who are complacent will be taken captive and placed into bonded slavery by the armies of the nation of the world. They are captive because it is given to them to receive of the sins and the plagues of these leaders – Rev. 18:3-4.)"

The other point in being commissioned by the Lord, was to get people to prepare for a total disruption in food and fresh water availability and to store preparations for 42 months.