Frank R Molver (18 Oct 2011)
"Penny's Hoover dam dream"

interesting considering the previous other messages and earth quakes happening around the Hoober dam

On Wednesday night (Sept 21st) I asked the Lord to give me guidance about the coming days in dreams/visions – something I’ve never asked for before. The next morning I had several visions, one right after the other. I understood they were visions as opposed to dreams, and I knew they were in direct answer to my prayer. During the visions (which played almost like a movie), I kept asking the Lord things like "wait, go back, slow down" because I felt like it was going too fast, and I was afraid of missing the details. In fact, I believe I did miss something about Australia, but have no idea what it was.


 1) David came home and said it was "time to go". I didn't want to go anywhere because I had been sick and was in bed, but he insisted. The scene transitioned to me riding in the back seat of the car as we were heading east. We pulled up to a stoplight at which point David was in the front passenger seat (I have no idea who was in the driver’s seat). He was removing his jacket because he was warm, at which point I realized he was wearing a tuxedo - the one he had just worn to our son's wedding in July. I was upset because I was still in my sweats and it was obvious we were going someplace fancy that required special clothes. David said, "Yes, Craig and I had to go all Bosley on this one," which I took to mean it was a secret mission of some kind (remember Bosley on Charlie's Angels?). I asked him if April knew about this (Craig and April are our best friends). There was no answer, but I had this feeling of being really upset that he hadn't told me in advance so that I could "get ready."

 2) Transition to a nautical scene where I see someone with a large ornate tattoo that says "Captain Darlene Logan". I ask if I'm being shown this because Darlene lives on a houseboat (on Lake Union in Seattle). No answer.

3) Transition to a scene of a royal couple in plain clothes giving a press conference stating they are going into (self-imposed) exile because the "earth's defense shields are going down" and an "ice age" is coming. I ask the Lord if that will cause all the orbiting satellites to crash to the earth looking like a fig tree casting it's fruit to the ground? No answer.

4) Transition to a scene where I'm standing at the bottom of a canyon that's about 200 feet high. There is a river bed at the bottom that was recently much larger because there's a lot of mud/sediment that is still wet, but the river is now only about 10-20 feet wide (to which I ask the Lord how a houseboat is supposed to fit because this river is way too small - no answer). About a third of the way up the canyon on the left-hand side there are some homes. I look up toward the sky and a "firestorm" is blowing completely over the top of the canyon but not coming down into or harming anything in the canyon.

That was the end of the visions, so I jotted down some notes on what I could remember and called my husband. His first comment was that the last vision sounded like the Colombia river where my parents live. Their home is only about 100 feet from the water right now, but if the Grand Coulee Dam were to fail, the river would most likely go down to its original size and their home would be about 1/3 way up the canyon - just like what I saw in the vision.