Frank R Molver (18 Oct 2011)
"When the Wall Falls the AC appears"

Interesting view point on the wall street protest below
Wall Street Protests go viral
The importance of a protest movement depends entirely on its endurance and whether it grows or fades.

So far, the Occupy Wall Street protests have continued to grow with no signs of abating. Recall that these began on September 17, the last day of Operation Jericho in Minnesota. After 7 days of encircling Minneapolis and St. Paul, we gathered at the capitol building in St. Paul to pray, prophesy, and shout. This climaxed at 3:18 p.m. on Sept. 17.

Operation Jericho's purpose was to tear down the walls--denominational walls that divide Christians, and the dividing wall of Eph. 2. We did not specifically target Wall Street, but that appears to be part of what God had in mind.

Likewise, when we shouted to bring down the wall, I also saw (by the Spirit) the Jezebel spirit fall to the ground. Later, one of the guards (named George) pointed out that a woman had fallen down the capitol steps while we were shouting. He showed us the blood on the steps. I have no idea who it was, and she may well have been a good person personally, but it was clearly given as a sign of the fall of Jezebel.

It seems clear that the fall of Jezebel is not only affecting the Church, but also those who control Wall Street. When you see Jezebel fall in the spiritual dimension, watch who it affects on earth. The immediate effect was the start of Occupy Wall Street. We have yet to see its effects in the Church.

Many of the protesters are said to be Socialists, anarchists, Communists, etc. Certainly, they are calling for the overthrow of "Capitalism." So those on the right are being rallied to oppose them automatically. It is the traditional "divide and conquer" strategy employed by our rulers, who created both camps and have divided people into competing forces in order to control both sides.

Many do not remember that it was Wall Street and the big banks (such as Kuhn, Loeb of New York) that supported the Communist Revolution in 1917. Likewise, Wall Street supported the rise of Hitler in the 1930's. Why? They knew that wars were good business and could be used to consolidate power in the hands of those who fomented those wars.

It appears, then, that the Socialist protesters today have learned more than their masters wanted them to know. Not only are they protesting the usual "capitalism" ideology, but they have also turned against the big banks who capitalized their own movement a long time ago. It seems to me that this has gotten out of hand.

It used to be that opposing the Fed was purely a "right-wing conspiracy theory." We never saw left-wing people oppose the big banks until recently. But even as East eventually meets West, so also has the left met the right. Both sides now know that the problem lies primarily with the Fed and its big banks. Although both sides remain divided on ideological grounds, they are solidly united in knowing the problem.

The right-wing Republicans and Christians are being called in to oppose the protesters for all of the usual ideological reasons. It is time that Christians understand God's purpose in all of this. Yes, God has use for Socialists and Communists, too. He is smart enough to find use for everyone in the big plan. He is using them to overthrow the walls of Jericho in the world, even as we overthrew those walls in the spirit on Sept. 17.

For once, the right wing Christians ought to look past the ideological differences that divide us and see what God is doing. He is using the vessels of dishonor to accomplish His purposes and to answer our prayers. They think they will establish a Socialist state at the other end of this. We know that the Kingdom of God lies ahead--even if it takes the form of Medo-Persia (the kings of the east). Remember that God used the Medes and Persians to overthrow Babylon, and Rev. 16 indicates that He intends to do the same in our day.

We should not get caught up in the usual dispute between Capitalism vs. Communism rat race. If anything, we should support Free Enterprise, not Capitalism per se. In the name of Capitalism, we have been turned from a Free Enterprise economy to a "managed" economy. That is the basis of the government bailouts of big banks and corporations.

Under the guise of capitalism, the Fed was created in 1913-14 to allow private wealthy bankers to take over our government and the whole economy. This is what created Mystery Babylon in its political and economic manifestation in America. These same bankers created Communism and financed the takeover of Russia in 1917. By controlling both sides, these bankers and other corporate owners were able to pit one side against the other in order to weaken the governments of the world and put them into their debt.

Through debt they became masters of governments and began to use government officials as their agents to enforce the continuation of interest payments in perpetuity. This only worked until the current debt crisis. When all the nations are faced with unpayable debt, who is the debt owed to?? You guessed it.

When men realize that the money loaned to governments and people was all created out of thin air ex nihilo, created by the signature of the debtor, it is plain that none of these types of debts ought to be repaid. It was all fraudulent from the beginning. What we need is a biblical Jubilee, for that is the only way we can be set free from the bondage of Mystery Babylon.

We are, in fact, moving steadily toward that end. God has hedged our way, forcing us to this conclusion. He is using people from every ideology and every religion on the planet. Instead of criticizing these people for their ideology, we should focus on the things that unite us. We have a common enemy. Most important, we need to understand what God is doing in all of this. Forget the motives of men. Look at God's motive. Then rejoice, for your redemption is drawing near.