F.M. Riley (14 Oct 2011)
"Update!  Alert!"

Update!  Connecting the dots!  Alert!

                                                                                                                By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                                                                                                                                October 13, 2011


    “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch,” Mark 13:37.




OCTOBER 17 - 18


     Elenin…….No, Elenin has not dissipated, dissolved, been broken apart, or gone away.  Elenin is very much alive and well!  All of these claims are fictitious tails by those who are either wishfully thinking or outright trying to deceive.   No, Elenin is not a comet.  It is a brown dwarf star that has an elliptical orbit similar to that of a comet, but it is not a comet.  It is big; HUGE, and has a powerful electromagnetic and gravitational field.   Because of its powerful electromagnetic and gravitational fields, it is pushing space debris ahead of it and pulling a long trail of space debris behind it.  

     Elenin will come flying past the earth on October 17th-18th.  It is coming up from beneath the elliptical plane [orbit] of the earth, so it will be “right on top” of us before it is even seen by most of humanity.   As it passes there is the possibility of major earthquakes, volcanoes erupting and exploding, and tsunamis in all the seas and oceans on earth.   As it comes past the earth it will cross earth’s orbit before earth arrives at that spot in its orbit around the Sun.  This means that as the earth then approaches the same spot on its orbit after Elenin has passed, the earth will then enter into the trail of space debris being dragged through space behind Elenin.   According to reports I have received this tail behind Elenin contains rocks, asteroids, dust, clouds, etc.  It is believed by some scientists who are studying this scenario that it is highly likely that the earth will be pummeled by rocks and asteroids which make it through earth’s atmosphere without burning up. 


     Solar Flares…….The Sun is now throwing off some of the largest solar flares [CME’s] into space that have been recorded since modern scientists have been keeping records.  The Sun in its own revolving in space is right now turning to bring some of the most explosive spots on its surface into direct alinement with the earth; some of the most explosive spots on the Sun ever been seen by modern man.   Scientists watching and filming all of this hyper activity on the Sun have already issued alerts for the possibility of the earth being bombarded with massive solar flares this next week.  What dates in particular?   Yes, October 17th-18th.   Is this just coincidence?  Well…??


     El Hierro Volcano…….On Saturday, October 8th, a 4.5 earthquake shook this island located in the Canary Island chain off the coast of northern Africa.  It was the largest in a series of almost 10,000 earth tremors which have shook these islands in the past three months.   These islands are the site of some of the largest and most dangerous volcanoes on earth.  A warning was immediately issued by the government on the islands, because volcanologists believe this 4.5 quake just off the coast of the island opened up fissures in the caldera of the volcano itself beneath the sea, allowing sea water to begin pouring into the volcano.   It is already well known that there is a vast sea of molten fire in the bowels of the earth under these islands.   The scientists studying these volcanoes claim that the sea water will cause tremendous pressure to build up under these volcanoes and throw them into violent eruption or even cause the volcanoes to explode with such force as has never been previously witnessed in modern times.  

     When are such eruptions or explosions anticipated to occur?  According to a public announcement made by a world renown volcanologist on Monday, October 10th, he stated that he expected the volcano or volcanoes to “explode” in 7 to 10 days.  Now look at your calendar!  That places the anticipated explosion of these volcanoes on…, yes, October 17th-18th. 

     But this isn’t the worst of the matter…..  The explosion of one or more of these huge volcanoes in the Canary Islands could potentially cause a massive tsunami [tidal wave] that scientists estimate would be a thousand feet or more high.  This tsunami would then sweep across the Atlantic Ocean towards the east coast of North and South America, reaching the east coast in an estimated 6 to 8 hours.   They estimate that it would still be between 100 and 300 feet high when it hit the east coast of the Americas.  There is no question that such a tsunami would wipe out everything and everyone along the east coast of America, and this nation and life as we presently know it would cease to exist.   Will this actually occur?  I don’t know!  But we sure don’t have long to wait to find out! 


     The Feast of Tabernacles…….This Jewish festival begins today, October 13th, Tishri 15 on the Jewish calendar.  It will continue for 7 days through October 19th, Tishri 21 on the Jewish calendar.   October 20th, the 8th day, is then Tishri 22, a special “Sabbath” day.  See Leviticus 23:33-43.  Then the day following the end of Tabernacles, October 21st, Tishri 23, is what the religious Jews refer to as “Simhat Torah.”  This literally means “the reinstitution of the Law” for the coming year. 

     Why am I mentioning all of this?  Because during the personal ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ “the feast of tabernacles” is explicitly mentioned by name in the Scriptures, John 7:1-2.  It was during that festival “about the midst of the feast” [John 7:14] that the Lord Jesus entered the Temple and began teaching the people.  If we should superimpose that time on our calendar today, “the midst of the feast” would be October 17th-18th.  Another “coincidence”?  

     On “the last day, that great day of the feast” [John 7:37…the 8th day, the special “Sabbath” day] the Lord Jesus gave a grand invitation to the people, “If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink.  He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water,” 7:37-38.  If we were to superimpose that time on our calendar today, this would be October 20th, Tishri 22nd on the Jewish calendar.   Will that date be the final call for His people to “come up hither” to Himself, Revelation 4:1-2; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17?  I don’t know!  I am not claiming that it will be!  All I am pointing out is that we believers living today are in the “time frame” of our Lord’s coming to resurrect and rapture His people to glory, and that time is VERY CLOSE.  Those who choose to ignore all the prophesied “signs” of the end-time and refuse to “watch” as the Lord Himself explicitly told His children to do [Mark 13:35-37]  will have no one but themselves to blame for the consequences. 


     Are all these things I have pointed out, every one of them pointing to a time of crisis on or near October 17th-18th just “coincidences”?   I don’t know!  But I am not going to “play the fool” [Luke 24:25] by just totally ignoring them.  I have connected the dots!  Now do whatever you choose to with them! 


                                      Pastor F. M. Riley