Fay from Tx (22 Oct 2011)
"To Bob Ware"

Hi Bob,

I do not understand numbers the way that many of you on Fivedoves do, but when I saw the number 52 on your post I recalled something that happened to me several years ago.

I was living with a friend who is hard of hearing and likes to have her television on much louder than I am comfortable with. I was trying to have some quiet prayer and really wanted to draw closer to the Lord Jesus at that time in my life especially. Out of desperation to get to away from the noise in the house I sat on the floor in my closet with a few pillows.

I sat there quietly for a while. Then all of the sudden I heard a voice whisper... "52." It took me off guard. I recorded what I heard and asked God about it but really have had no understanding given to me over the years.

This sounds odd, I know, but I really heard it as a quick audible whisper..."52."

So you can take it with a grain of salt, but I thought I'd pass that on to you.

If it matters just before the I heard the number I saw in my mind a picture of an older man with a very long grey beard. I saw the beard suddenly cut off with a blade of some sort. Possibly a pair of scissors. It happened fast so I'm not certain.

I don't understand that picture either but beards have significance in the Bible don't they?

Interesting dream you had too. Praying God gives you understanding of it....


Fay from TX