Fay (5 Oct 2011)
"Elliot Hong - Possible Confirmation"

Hey John and Doves,
Elliot, your post:- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/oct2011/ellioth104.htm
This immediately made me think back to Rabbi Glazerson's Bible Codes. He kept repeating that Redemption was coming in the year 5771 but "only if they repent". He puts emphasis on the repentance part by repeating it. The word 'Messiah' is interlinked with the word 'repentance'.  As you rightly pointed out, Elliot - the 40 days opportunity for repentance, ends on Yom Kippur - the Day that the Door of Heaven is Closed. I know the year 5771 has passed but who really knows what time it is with God? This really is something to sit up and take notice of. Link to the video clip from Rabbi Glazerson's website.