Fay (19 Oct 2011)
"Tony Webb"

Hi John and Doves,
Tony, thank you for your kind comments. I was enormously flattered to see my post printed on your blog. You expressed mild surprise that someone in the UK can see through Obama's machinations. I believe this is a result of my Christian faith and being a watchman. The vast majority (in the USA and outside of) are pretty clueless as to what's going on. I could easily slip back into that comfortable space of 'ignorance is bliss' as being a watchman is certainly not a comfortable space. Once we learn about our beloved LORD and His plan for our salvation - come face to face with the awful forces of evil, that the earth and her people, are facing - it's pretty unsettling. To say the very least!! Because we are required to 'believe without seeing' and do not receive major signs and miracles that the first Christian followers did, our faith becomes very much a spiritual one. I know the early disciples suffered horrendous persecution, but they had the absolute certainty of their convictions. They had 'seen'. We latter day Christians are subjected to enormous confusion and uncertainty. Sure - we can know The Time we are living in but it's been a massive learning curve regarding the plots and plans of the evil ones. All this stuff we are learning now is a total shock. People - as a whole - are very trusting. We like to believe that most folk will act with honesty and integrity. We now learn that this is not so and it's depressing as well as frightening. Our brother, Joe Callaway, posted an incredibly informative post yesterday (18th October 2011) from Cutting Edge. I was blown away by the stuff I read there. I accessed most of the links and learned stuff that is becoming more and more obvious - with each passing day.
This has all been planned from the beginning. From what I ascertained from Joe's post and the links from Cutting Edge, we have entered a very dangerous period. Much like the frog, put into cold water and being slowly boiled, we are also being 'acclimatized'. So that the bizarre becomes the norm.  If we take the start of the NWO plan (WW1) and recognise that WW111 is the climax - we can also recognise that a woman's labour, during the birthing period, happens in 3 stages. The final stage - WW111 - is on the horizon! One of the most interesting points made, is the fact that it was 1897 that the first stirrings were made for the formation of the State of Israel. There are 70 years between 1967 (Jerusalem being retaken) and 1897. There are 93 years between 2011 and 1918 (end of 1st World War) leaving another 7 years for the final act.
We are most definitely in The Time, Tony. We'd be a bit silly not to recognise that. What I still find staggering is just how clumsy the evil ones are. The fact that we were all taught (in the Western world) that communism is evil - taught that for years. NOW - we're being told that communism is the new way forward. Hilarious. It reminds me of Satan's old interference on our planet Earth - the dinosaurs. How peculiar were they? Short arms that were no good to anyone - vulnerable spines - enormous appetites and a huge propensity for bloodshed. They were certainly not from God. We can be certain that Satan doesn't just fall short of our LORD. He's positively inept. Every single act of Satan, on this world, has produced ugliness and filth - fear and loathing.
Thank the LORD for calling us and for our Christian faith. Without it, I'd be one terrified person.