Fay (17 Oct 2011)
"Obama's Agenda"

Hi John and Doves,
It's a misty, chilly, Sunday morning here in the UK. After trawling through the news today - it hit me like a ton of bricks. The truth about Obama's agenda, that is. This has all been cleverly engineered to provoke all the players in the Middle East. Obama is NOT a religious man. The only 'respect' he has for the muslim world is the oil and money. Think about it - if the goal is for a one world government, economy, religion etc., then a stable democracy (Israel) in the Middle East, is going to get in the way. TPTB need total chaos in the Middle East in order to control it. All the players in the ME have learned to be careful about kick-starting another war. Israel because she genuinely wants peace, and her neighbours........well, because they've had their butts kicked a few too many times. Obama launched an immediate campaign to instill confidence in the Arab world. He was so convincing, that the thinking majority automatically assumed he is muslim. All Obama's 'clumsy fumbling' has brought enormous uncertainty into the world. Which should tell us that this 'clumsy fumbling' has all been a deliberate ploy - and a successful one at that. What convinced me that that 'the plan' is very nearly in place for all out war is this link:-
The same plan is being implemented with these Wall Street protests. Obama could not incite huge Union protests (he tried)  Obama could not incite riots with the Ground Zero mosque debacle. He tried. TSA pat downs? Awful, awful - but the American public gritted their teeth and are still bearing it for the sake of 'public safety'. Obama has blatantly ignored the constitution, introduced outrageous monetary policies, dragged America into more illegal wars, launched a blatant attack on Christianity..................banning evangelicals from the 10th anniversary of 9/11, this year was a breath taking insult. It hardly drew a murmur. Obama has forced the most outrageous stuff (Obamacare) at the most dizzying pace, onto the American people. He has blind sided all of us and continues to do so.
War, with Israel at the center, is now a given. Obama is blatantly engineering it. He's equipped Israel with the necessary hardware. He's also equipped the other lot - just to ensure a stonking good war! No point having one if it's not stonking!! Mustn't waste a good crisis. Obama is running out of time, so he's speeding things up. This is why I believe our redemption is very close. The Middle East conflageration WILL erupt. The only thing left to ask is....when? We may not be able to work out the day or the hour...............but we sure can know that we are definitely in The Time.