Fay (15 Oct 2011)
"Hoover Dam - Before it's News"

Hi John and Doves,
This link was posted on Doves on 14th October.  I've always enjoyed Before it's News, until I saw the anti-Semitic comment printed below the article. Quoting from the infamous bloody Rosenthal article again. The mind doth boggle. Herewith the link:-
And herewith the comment:-


The Jews printed currency that depicted the OK city bombing and their demolition of the WTC complex so I have little reason to doubt that they aren't printing impending disasters (that they will create) for possibly the Hoover Damn and NYC (probably the entire East Coast).

The question remains as to the timing of these events which may or may not be 11.11.11 (for the Hoover damn).

Truly the Jews are of the wicked one (just as Yahshua said) and they are the hand of the oppressor. I know this for a FACT. So while all you JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians continue your Jew worship, you will be driven into shame for ever having thought such a thing.

Happy trails to you on judgment day, You will surely need it.

BTW: Forget about a "rapture". That doctrine is spurious to say the least. You will go through this ride of testing by fire just like everyone else unless YAH sees fight to take your to your grave first.

"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer...and we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive."

Harold Rosenthal Administrative Aid to Senator Jayvits 1967
Just incredible. Just splitting at the finest of hairs to find SOME way - any way, to blame the Jews. We must be on high alert, Doves. This ugliness will sneak in wherever it can.