Fay (11 Oct 2011)

Hi John and Doves,
Dearest Suzi - I am so very sorry to hear that have been suffering. My prayers are with you. It's not long now, Suzi. Not long at all. Of course you were missed!!! Gosh - you have no idea how much we love your posts. I have also 'met' a lovely sister on-line. What a wonderful blessing. We share different links and get to 'splurb' all our feelings and ideas without fear of ridicule or put downs. We have a definite connection and I simply cannot wait to meet her and all of you, in our Heavenly home. Jesus is coming soon, dear Suzi. Hang in there. There's a very special, leisurely lunch that we have a table booked for. See you there, sister.
God Bless
In Jesus Beloved Name