Elliot Hong (8 Oct 2011)
"A Beautiful Testimony with a Dove"

Dear Doves:
Yesterday, a dove came and sat by the outside of the window in my room, then left after for a while.
It happened for the first time.
It reminded me an episode I had during visiting at the Upper Room in Jerusalem a while ago.
I found a dove sitting by the the inside of the window near the ceiling, so I began filming the bird with my video camera.
After for a while, another dove flew in, moved to the window and started pushing the first one as if asking to depart
together, then they flied away side by side.
As I was filming this interesting act of birds, I knew it's the Holy Spirit who staged the scene to show me that He would
take the Bride and fly away together some day in the future.
Could it be the Holy Spirit again who sent the dove to me yesterday to remind the episode and the Departure?
We'll find out soon.