Elliot Hong (4 Oct 2011)
"A Possible Confirmation?"

Dear Doves:
When the end of September passed, I was confused.  Only an explanation I could come up with was that
10 days countdown has begun on Rosh Hashanah. We all know that Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur can't be
seperated and 40 days of reprentance begins from Elul 1 and ends on Yom Kippur. This coming Yom Kippur
is the Shabbat, so it could be the Day that the Door of Heaven is closed.  I remember some Brides had a
vision that the Gate of Grace is being closed very shortly including Charity's "5,6,7,Jesus!"
Only a problem is that Yom Kippur is the feast supposedly to be fulfilled when Yeshua returns on the Mt.Olive
for His chosen people.  Could it be possible that Yom Kippur is fulfilled dually?  I asked the Lord to give me
any confirmation.
Last night, in a dream, I met a family.  And the son was exactly identical like his father and I shouted "you're
duplicated!"  When I woke up, it's understood as a confirmation that Yom Kippur could be dually fulfilled.
I really do hope it's the confirmation from the Lord.
See you soon,