Elliot Hong (28 Oct 2011)
"A Coincidence or A Coordination?"

Dear Doves:
This Morning, I read Calvin's post saying that "Water" precedes a "BIRTH". Our rapture is like a "BIRTH"
away from the world(a type of Egypt) which is about to be taken by the forces of the Antichrist.
It reminded me the news that Thailand, the country worshipping false gods(a type of Egypt), is suffering
by the worst ever flood and the government ordered 10 million citizens in Bankok to evacuate.
So I emailed to Calvin to look into this situation so that he might find a connection.
Amazingly Calvin found out that the Torah reading for Cheshvan this Saturday(Sabbath), 10/29 is about Noah
just before to read my email about the worst ever flood in Thailand.
Was this a coincidence or a coordination by the Holy Spirit?
And could the worst ever flood in Thailand be prophetic?
See you soon,