Elliot Hong (11 Oct 2011)
"3 Possibilities for the Imminent Departure"

Dear Doves:
As I understand, the sign that is wrtten in Rev.12:1-2 appeared in the constellation exactly on Rosh Hashanah
and this phenomenon will not be repeated until the year of 2102.  For this reason, I strongly believe that Rosh
Hashanah has been fulfilled spiritually in heaven. It means that Yom Kippur was fulfilled as well spiritually, since
these two feasts can't be seperated.  So in my opinion, the cut off has been made and the Brides were chosen
by Yom Kippur.  And once God started the work according to the fall feasts, surely He will complete it.
This is why, along with the undeniable evidences of the escalating birth pangs and the tension in the Middle East,
I believe the Blessed Hope could come true very shortly.
Here are 3 possibilities:
1) The Full Moon
    The full moon represents the fullness of time and the harvest.
    It was the full moon day when the Benjaminite males snatched away girls who were dancing at vineyard in Shilo
    on TuB'Av which became the Israel Valentine Day.
    It happens to be the 3rd day(Tuesday), the favorable Jewish wedding day.
2) Tishrei 17
    As it's written in the chapter 7 of John, Jesus sent his brothers first, then He secretly went to Jerusalem while the
    feast of Tabernacles was going on.  Could it be a hidden clue for the coming of the Lord as a thief in the night?
    The Scripture doesn't tell us exactly which day during Sukkot Jesus attended, but Tishrei 17 could be a good
    possibility, since 17 represents an important meaning, Victory. As I mentioned in the previous letter, it was exactly
    17 months earlier from Yom Kippur when God sent the gray whale to the coast of Joppa as a sign.   
    Only a problem with this theory is the last trump, but it could be interpreted as the the last trumpet an Angel will
    blow in heaven when the Lord comes.
3) Shemini Atzeret(Holy Assembly) & Simhat Torah
    These two special festivals are observed on the 8th day of the Tabernacles, yet they're independent, not belong to
    the Tabernacles.  What could be a reason God designed this way?  Could it be a hidden clue?  We all know the
    importance of these two festivals as well as the 8th day.
So just hang on for a while and see you soon.