Elliot Hong (10 Oct 2011)
"We're still on Red Alert!"

Dear Doves:
During the afternoon portion on the Yom Kippur service the Book of Jonah is read to remind people of God's
willingness to forgive those who are sincerely repent and the period of 40 days for repentance "Teshuvah."
It reminded me the news of the gray whale, thought to be extinct from the Atlantic & Mediterranean for last
300 years, has been sighted off the coast of Tel Aviv in May last year.  When I read this news, right away
knew it was not the coast of Tel Aviv, but of Joppa where God sent the whale to.  Because Joppa was the
place where Jonah went aboard a ship bound for Tarshish to escape from God's command. I had a long walk
along the beach of Tel Aviv to Joppa as sharing intimacy with the Lord.  So I know those two beaches are
very closely connected just like Venice beach and Santa Monica beach of Los angeles are connected.
I posted a letter about this on Five Doves when it happened last year.
Today, for curiosity, I checked this news again through Google, and found out that the first day the gray whale
was sighted was May 8th which was 17 months earlier from this Yom Kippur, and 17 represents Victory.
It's amazing to see that God has been warning for 17 months including 40 days of "Teshuvah" and 10 days of
"Days of Awe" for Victory of Redemption.
And what makes me interested in is that the gray whale was sighted for several more days from May 8th.
It gives me a hint that we should allow a few more days from Oct. 8th to watch.
We all know there are 1-3 days difference in Jewish calendar depend on which method is used, and there are
only 29 days in the month of Elul. Besides, since 11th is the full moon, it's very possible that the Charity's calendar
vision of 11 and John Lawler's prophetic word "in the top of it's phase" could come true this time. Also Earthangel
of RITA pointed out a couple reasons to still watch for 11th which are; there is a trumpet blown on the full moon
and Tuesday is considered a good day for weddings in Jewish custom.
So we're still on red alert, and now I definitely believe it was the Holy Spirit who sent the dove to me the other day
to remind the Departure as I explained in my last post.
See you soon in the air.