Edwina (5 Oct 2011)
"To Suzi"

Dear Suzi,
I had a little laugh at your synopsis of the guy screeching and scrunching up the newspaper and regarding the strange thing in the sky in the baltics, cannot remember the place name.
Anyway, you got me thinking about a Bill Salus article I read and listened to his radio station on-line and it was all about the birds of prey gathering on the Golan Heights, I think Eagles, thousands of them....here's the Link.
Anyway i hope it may help.
I thought your article about the luxury illuminati inspired house of the super model really weird.... you don't think she could be a "sacrfice" waiting to happen? Did you hear about Michael Jackson being an illuminati target? sacrifice? like Princess Diana?
Anyway, thanks for all your Links they are really good at keeping us all up to speed!!
Best wishes, edwina.