Edwina (3 Oct 2011)
"To Fay"

Dear Fay,
Did you see the latest from Marion Verklij? We are going soon!! I can see all the mist of misinformation and confusion regarding Elenin. It seems the further we go down the road the more painful and exciting it gets! The tension, even my Dad who's in his 80's is ready for the Great Escape! and is delighted to be re-invigorated with Rapture Readiness, he even tells strangers that we're "going Up" and glad to not have to die!
Yes, this weather is very weird....my crocus have started to send up shoots. I have been thinking also that as I look up into the blue skies that this i the last summer on earth, that there is definately some strange times we are all experiencing.
God Bless and thanks for all your Links, they are a great help. Soon, this is just another firing of refining Fire.