Edwina (27 Oct 2011)
"To Randy - for me it's "do I have my tooth drilled or not?" - That Is my Question!!"

Dear Randy,
What torments we all go through. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! I have been only aware since June 2008, so you have been waiting alot longer!
All I can say to really encourage you is that Jesus spoke to me in 2008 and said, I AM COMING SOON, then in December 2008 He said, CHURCH TAKE HEART, I WILL COME FOR YOU BEFORE REVELATION. Then in February this year He said, ARE YOU READY FOR MY COMING?
Since as you quite righty point out, all the current turmoil politically, financially, morally, spiritually etc etc. it is painful but, because of all this we know we are on the cusp of the end. The end of the "end days".....
Not to mention all the earthquakes, floods and real full on famine coming to africa. Don't lose heart just as we are so near!
For myself my personal battle is, I have a wisdom tooth that needs a filling and I have been putting it off, (secretly thinking, wow Lord no more awful drilling sounds, my nerves are so frayed with illness, I cannot STAND the stress!!!) so, I have made an appointment for 2nd November and I think I'll postpone it until after the 11-11-11 !!! Well, why look for pain??
Anyway, your honesty has been a breath of fresh air because, who can we share our spiritual thoughts with who are not watching and waiting on this roller coaster of emotion etc?
Keep heart and I really cannot imagine another 12 months at the rate of change that is going on at the moment, never mind 12 years.... so take heart we're going UP and SOON!! I hope and pray.
sincerely in Christ, edwina.