Edwina (10 Oct 2011)
"To Suzi"

Dear Suzi,
Thanks for your reply, and yes absolutely Michael Jackson did have a very weird life, a victim I would say. Incredibly talented individual. Yes, I had heard about the Jehovah Witness angle. I had a brush with them myself / trying to help a friend who's family they totally ruined and split the family.....
I had noticed you were absent but never realised you were in such pain...excruciating I would imagine. I am not unfamiliar with pain and so I comfort myself thinking that our JOY at a new, pain-free, real life body with no blood, will be appreciated and be incredible since we are plagued with ill health. (I suffer with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and last year had two operations due to c-ncer).
I agree with you that alot of "celebrities" are so blinded by the glamour and money/influence etc. If they are not a born-again believer they have not alot to fight with and the decepetion will be at full maximum, no chance really.
EXCEPT! Jesus Christ Is THE ONLY WAY OUT!! Praise God that we all have been scooped up in His Grace and Love.
Blessing to you to and just take it One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus.
simcerely, edwina