Drover (24 Oct 2011)
"October 25th and a few thoughts"

So I find it interesting that October 25th, which happens to fall on next Tuesday is exactly 2520 days prior to Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement 2018. Though we don't know for sure, as with almost everything else, Yom Kippur is widely excepted as the end of the Tribulation. Christ has to at lest be back on 9/9/18, Rosh Hashana and the fulfillment of the fall feasts. The Bible doesn't say specifically that the Tribulation ends the moment and
day Christ returns.

There are differing views where the 1290 and 1335 (Daniels 30 and 45 day markers) fall. Some say they are at the end of the Trib and go beyond the 2520 days. The Word says the Trib is 2520 days. It is man that has ADDED these extra days of Daniel to the END of the Trib, just a thought. It could just as easily fall during the last FIRST half of the Trib. and are literally the 1290th and 1335th day of the Trib. These would fall at an interesting point in the overall Tribulation as it's right where the anti-christ would appear and some serious issues arise for Israel.

A thought regarding the anti-christ being Obama as so many suppose. I find this utter sillyness (no offense intended). The Bible specifically says of the anti-christ that he once was, is not, and will be, and that he comes up out of the pit. This pretty much proves it has to be someone who was alive in the past, who died and is currently in Hell, and at the MIDDLE of the Trib will arise from Hell and live again. Think about it: this answers MANY questions about why he would be so revered. Obama does not fit any of these BIBLICAL mandates about the anti-christ. Besides, Obama is a joke around the world, almost every other country thinks he's a sham as a leader and is an idiot. Come on folks, read your Bible and stop with these outrageous un-Biblical theories. This is just a call to reason according the Word!