Drover (10 Oct 2011)
"October 16th"

So we're still here, time to re-think. Personally I believe that it is scriptural that Christ has to be back on earth to fulfill the fall feasts. The church COULD be raptured during one of them but that would not be the final fulfillment of them.

Way to many scriptures calculate out to Christs return in 2018. These have been gone over many times so I'm not going to re-post all that has been said about 2018; that would be redundant.

I still believe we have to be gone before this fall is passed so here's a few simple thoughts what we DO know.

The scriptures specifically say the tribulation will last 2520 days. No one REALLY knows, and the Bible doesn't say, when the extra 30 and 45 days occur that  Daniel talks about. All we can do is speculate about these time periods and that won't prove anything. 

Rosh Hashana 2018 is on 9/9. Back up 2520 days and we come to 10/16/2018. Hmmm.

We DON'T know WHEN the tribulation ends, we just know how long it is, leaving us with an unknown end date BUT since Christ has to be back on earth to fulfill the fall feasts He has to be returned by 9/9/2018.

It's quite possible the tribulation day count won't be over till the end of the fall feasts or even the extra 30 and 45 days, we simply don't know.
What this does is give us an unknown rapture date without knowing the end date. BUT, what this DOES give us is a GENERAL time, October/November of 2011 for the rapture. If we stop trying to make a fall feast day the rapture I think allot of folks could relax a little and just keep they're hope up for the next few weeks that it's still going to happen.

We HAVE to stop trying to make the fall feasts something they're not. They WILL be fulfilled upon Christs return, not before. If the rapture happens to fall within one of them so be it but.....

I know there's a bunch of you out there that are mid tribur's so none of this makes sense to you but it will for those of us who believe in a 7 year tribulation and a pre-trib rapture. Too many make this whole thing WAY to complicated. The Bible is simple and straight forward; not complicated.