Diane Chapman (28 Oct 2011)
"Edwina re: tooth drilling"

Your post cracked me up!  I had been putting off going to the dentist for about 4 years for some work I knew I would need.  I knew I needed a crown and a couple of other things but I just kept waiting for our rapture first, plus I didn't think my insurance would cover the dentist I wanted.
WELL, I found out that my dentist does indeed now take my insurance - woo hoo!! And I felt in my spirit that if I didn't get in and get that crown REALLY soon, I would need a root canal - not good.  Sure enough, I went to the dentist and he said I just barely caught the crown in time before needing a root canal - just barely!  So glad I listened to that still, small voice.
And the best part is that the insurance paid a huge chunk of it and will cover all my cleanings too!!  God is SO good to me and I am so undeserving.
Bless you sis - go get that tooth drilled!  LOL - just sing worships songs in your head while the work is being done.  It will help :)
Diane C