Dennis Pittinger (26 Oct 2011)
"Reply to Gabriel's posts concerning length of a Biblical generation"

Dear Gabriel and the rest of the Doves,

If you'll Google

decree restore Jerusalem 1969

and peruse the articles that come up you will note that many of them
say that the decree passed by the Israeli Knesset to restore Jerusalem
was on April 1, 1969. Now if we go forward from there a Jubilee cycle
of 50 years that takes us to the spring of 2019, from there we go
forward to the fall feast days in September-October since most
scholars believe the Second Coming of Christ at the battle of
Armageddon will be on either 1, 10, or 15 Tishri, and from there
subtract 2,520 days we arrive at the fall of 2012, so under the above
scenario there is still a chance the Rapture could be no later than
the fall of 2012.


Dennis Pittenger