Deborah (22 Oct 2011)
"Ariel Sharon Continues His Recovery After 6 Years"

Six Years After a Debilitating Stroke, Sharon Remains Responsive, His Son Says
New York Times
David Guttenfelder/AP Ariel Sharon, then about to become prime minister, at the Western Wall in Jerusalem in 2001. By ETHAN BRONNER JERUSALEM — Ariel Sharon, who suffered a debilitating stroke nearly six years ago while serving as prime minister of ...

Ariel Sharon responds to stimulus, son tells 'NY Times'
Jerusalem Post
COM STAFF Gilad Sharon, set to release biography of father, says "he looks at me, moves fingers when I ask him to"; hopes dad will return home in next year. Former prime minister Ariel Sharonresponds to stimulus and has gained weight despite being in ...

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Looks like our Methusala is still alive, and not going anywhere too soon.  The Rabbi Kaduri said that the Messiah (Christ) would come after Ariel Sharon died.  Ariel Sharon is still alive, when Doctors were in a rush to end his life 6 years ago.  This could be God's commentary on "pulling the plug" on patients.