Debbie (4 Oct 2011)
"To Charles"

Please remember when we are weak Christ is strong.  God made some promises to us.  Jesus is coming back.  If it were not for the Lords mercy and grace he would have come already.  There are still those to be saved and the refining of his bride.  In one day I heard a message about how without holiness we will not see God.  Well I love Jesus and I have been expecting him for 12 years.  I never count on a date, but I do get excited when certain dates(Jewish Feasts and Holidays) are coming.  He said he would come at a time when we think not.  I believe that.  As far as Halloween is concerned, I have explained to my child the great dilemma.  It celebrates death.  I also allow her to wear a costume that God would not disapprove of and I let her trick or treat some of our neighbors(Seems the only time we get a chance to speak with them and a great time to speak of the wonderful things he does and how we believe he is coming soon).  We also have a family harvest party and discuss the meaning of it and thank the Lord for the blessings and the coming harvest.  I decorate my house with lovely autumn.  God made all those beautiful leaves and pumpkins, corn, squash and mums.  In essence we celebrate the wonderful things God has blessed us with to enjoy.  No matter how hard life is almost all of the time, I remember that God has kept us from the worst.  When I am tired and just done I know I can say, Jesus is coming any second now and I might just be reight.  What a blessing to be alive to see it all fulfilled and to know that no matter what the Lord will protect us and keep us.  Life can be really sad and I may not understand it all, but he is always withus and we can talk to him anytime we need to.  A little time in worship will give you the same feeling.  You are in my prayers and remember Jesus could come any second now so enjoy what he gives you and know that he is always with you and loves you more than you can imagine.
Your sister in christ,