Dave (6 Oct 2011)
"Mi Amore"

Recently, as we all mostly have felt a little let down, or ALOT let down because The Lord didnt return on Rosh Hashana. I myself was very disappointed. But I know He will still soon return. Anytime,  Possibly within days. But there was also a part of me that was glad He hasnt returned yet.......

My soon to be wife. I love her so very much. Our favorite pet names for each other is "mi amore" or "my love". When we first started dating, we both agreed it would be nothing serious. It soon became very serious, and we fell deeply in love. We are to be married within two weeks. I know the Word says that the Believing spouse sanctifies the the unbelieving spouse.....But my heart cry is for her to become saved. Truly saved. Not just head knowledge, but deep within her heart.

Doves.......I have been praying for God to reveal Himself to her in such a real way she can no longer doubt his existence. She had a horrible childhood and a sexually abusive father to whom she still has not forgiven. There are so many things......She even attended a liberal college where her mind was filled with lies and deceit about science and religion. PLEASE pray that God would reveal Himself to her. She has been attending church with me,but distracts herself during worship and the message. So my urge and heart and need from you all is to lift her up in prayer with me......so that she will see the truth. My heart is sooooo torn up over this. I know the rapture is imminent. I know her soul is in danger. 

Thanks for listening and thanks in advance for praying.......because I know you all are prayer warriors......thanks you.
Keep looking up!