Connie (17 Oct 2011)
"Hello, about Elijah"

I just read your page on Eliyah about the two witnesses appearing in  
2012. That code as well as the code on about Elijah,  
along with my visions all tie into Pesach 2012.
  I figured I'd share with you what I was shown will happen and  
thought maybe you'd find it interesting. The two witnesses will be  
calling lightning from heaven from Yahweh starting this coming  
Passover 2012 and will lead the Exodus out of babylon (usa) calling  
plagues and fire, Yahwehs people literally will be walking through  
fire to Mt Seir (where the first exodus was where Moses struck the  
rock). The code says the world is a place of burning and Yahweh  
created the mourning and I've had visions of walking down a road/path  
where people are crying and running out of burning blazing buildings  
dropped on their knees grabbing our tzitz begging to go where Elijah  
is going. The 1290 day period actually starts when the Obamanation of  
Desolation stands on the temple mount. The 1260 days is the start of  
the two witness' prophecy and tribulation, leaving a 30 day period for  
the Exodus to happen and Yahwehs people to be sealed inside the rock  
city  of Petra/Selah/Mt Seir where their bread and water will be sure  
as spoken of in Isaiah. There's a lot more details to these visions  
leading up to these events. When the two witnesses start calling  
lightning from heaven they literally start hitting corrupt evil people  
in the courts and government and it all ties in with matt 24, mark 13,  
Luke 21 where Yahwehs people are persecuted and beaten and led before  
kings and rulers as a testimony to His Name. The lightning from the  
two witnesses destroying the wicked are a part of the witness of  
Yahwehs Name. All of this will be broadcasted on national television  
and the world will know who the two witnesses are. So be ready for the  
exodus this spring and to see the two witnesses on tv. It's definitely  
in 2012 but it's not necessarily April 6.. You can't count Yahwehs  
calendar in advance because it's determined by the aviv barley in  
Jerusalem. So it will fall in march/april. One more thing I thought  
was interesting was the pope held up signs with his hands for the  
beginning of the nwo and it was late march 2012.. Can't remember the  
specific date but it was march twenty something. These things were  
shown to me from praying, asking, visions, the word and Torah codes.  
Ask the Ruach and He will show you.

Yahweh Bless,